Neolith, manufactured by TheSize Surfaces, has won the Muuuz International Award for its La Bohème design from the Timber collection.

Created through the company’s proprietary digital printing technology, Neolith Digital Design (NDD), La Bohème is a startlingly realistic reproduction of a natural wooden trunk, inspired by the stem of a Lebanese Cedar.

To bring the design closer to nature, in both appearance and texture, the slab goes through an embossing process that gives the surface its 3D appearance.

“Participating in competitions throughout the world not only demonstrates our willingness to put our product to the test, but shows just how much we believe we can change the surfacing industry,” said Mar Esteve, marketing project manager, TheSize. “We want to continue to be the leaders in sintered compact surfacing and we will continue to challenge ourselves to create designs that were not possible before, such as an amazing interpretation of wood that is still 100% natural. When someone runs their fingertips over La Bohème, they can feel and see all the knots one would expect in wood. Being awarded the Muuuz International Award has proven to us, that taking chances are well worth it and that people are ready for a change.”

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