I4F, a group of companies providing patents and technologies to the flooring industry, announced that it has promoted David Song to the new position of chief commercial officer, Asia and Russia.

In this new role, Song holds responsibility for i4F’s commercial business across Asia and Russia, covering all patents and technologies represented by the company. He assumes the position with immediate effect and continues to manage i4F teams located in China and Vietnam.

Song joined i4F in 2017 as licensing director and, during his time with the company, has successfully built further on i4F’s position for its company’s drop-lock technologies as well as licenses for its other five patent clusters*.

The company said the expanded breadth of i4F’s expansive IP portfolio, including more than 3,000 patents and technologies, has created the need for an increased presence in the region. The strong growth being experienced in China is now also extending into other Asian markets and Russia. To capture and boost further local market opportunities, the company is investing in more people and marketing efforts, in China and Vietnam.

"Now with the accelerating uptake in emerging technologies, like digital printing, there is a necessity for dedicated focus and expertise per innovation cluster," said John Rietveldt, CEO, I4F. "The powerful combination of David’s vision, world-leading technologies and increased presence in the region enables i4F to drive forward its strategy to discover and promote new, exciting technologies for the advancement of the global flooring industry.”

For more information, visit i4f.com.