Every once in a while, a product comes along that changes everything — a product that rips up the rule book and creates a category of all its own. Välinge Flooring’s Hardened Wood Floor is one such product — a floor that Elias Wolf President Jeff Strigel called, “without a doubt one of the hottest introductions in the past decade.” Big words indeed, but the next-generation real wood floor from Välinge Flooring is a genuine game-changer.

Features at a glance

  • Real wood floor
  • Waterproof
  • Incredible impact protection
  • Stress-free installation
  • Up to XXL dimensions
  • Oak, ash, and walnut versions in eleven different shades
  • Gentle on your wallet and the environment

By integrating cutting-edge, patented technology from their parent company, Välinge Innovation, the Hardened Wood Floor collection combines the feel and beauty that only genuine wood possesses, but with durability and liveability traditionally absent from a real wood floor.

A look at the tech

Woodura® surface technology means consumers can now choose a real wood floor with up to 5 times the impact protection of a traditional hardwood floor. Sustainability is greatly improved too, as Woodura® allows for up to tens times more product from the same about of lumber. Additionally, the recycled wood powder in the construction is used to fill any voids due to knots, allowing for an incredibly high level of aesthetic control and creativity.

5G® Dry™ — premium, waterproof fold-down 5G® system offers incredible waterproofness by preventing water from penetrating the floor panels joints. Together with the patented 5G® fold-down system, Välinge Flooring Hardened Wood Floors are a joy to install and easy to live with.

5G® Climb™ — innovative wall-mounted 5G® system makes it incredibly easy for you to use our flooring for a beautiful wood-panelled wall. Simply use floor panels as support rails, grab our unique 5G® Climb™ clips, and start getting creative. The possibilities are endless, and we think floors this amazing should be admired — from every angle.

Another added benefit of Välinge Flooring’s Hardened Wood Floors is that the tech used greatly improves the floor’s stability over a larger area — meaning the floor can be installed where, traditionally, a floating wood floor would not be recommended, like in very dry or humid climates.

Now it’s possible to install a floor as large as 6727 FT2 without the need for installation joints — a big increase over a standard floating engineered wood floor. They’re also right on trend with oak, ash, and walnut versions in eleven different shades and an XXL option — all while being gentle on your wallet and the environment.Valinge logo

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