Betula Walnut living room.

Hard Maple, Natural. Art Gallery with Titanium Traffic commercial finish.
There's a truism in business that if you're not moving forward, you're moving backward. The message is as true today as it ever was. No matter how successful your company, you have to keep fine-tuning your products and services because you can be sure your competition is. And in our business, things tend to move very fast.

Business has shifted into high gear in our industry. Sales of hardwood flooring in North America reached staggering numbers in 2004. The question on everyone's mind is: "How can we drive our sales forward and pull ahead of the pack?"

We have been asking ourselves this question, too. Our answer: by constantly creating greater value for our customers while maintaining our competitive edge. From a distributor or retailer standpoint, this means innovative products and powerful sales materials that are constantly being analyzed and perfected to keep them well in front of the competition. Our goal is to make the task of selling Lauzon hardwood flooring easier... and more profitable.

To achieve this goal, we recently initiated a major restructuring of our Marketing Division. From a series of key appointments to the launch of an ambitious strategic plan, our objective of building the industry's best centralized marketing department is well underway. By uniting our efforts and sharing our common knowledge, we can strengthen our focus on developing the Lauzon brand. This means that in the coming weeks and months you can expect to see a number of initiatives (along with a few new faces) to help drive sales forward.

Truth in Advertisement

From an advertising perspective, we prefer a "Truth in advertisement" approach. It's one thing for an advertiser to put words onto a page and ask readers to believe them...but we thought we would take it one step further. For our on-going campaigns, we are featuring testimonials from our esteemed business partners - industry members whose opinions we value and whose actual words are of definite interest to their peers.

We are fortunate to have enlisted the support of Vicki Dryden, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for Galleher Inc., of Jeff Striegel, CEO of Elias Wilf Corporation, Tom Burke, a wood flooring installer in Salem, Oregon and Bill Woltjen of First Quality Carpet One in Williston, Vermont for stepping forward with their valued contributions. All of these contributors are featured in our trade ads, along with their thoughts on Lauzon quality. Needless to say, we very much appreciate their participation in getting our message out there, and we hope everyone enjoys the personal touch of having their friendly faces featured in our advertising.