The new Riverstone series of Gibraltar colors are reminiscent of small stones and pebbles found in a creek or scenic river

Look past the sea of granites, quartz and engineered stones and rediscover the beauty and thermoformability of Wilsonart Solid Surface.

Look Deeply into our sixty-nine designs and you may be surprised to discover a surface that's as durable as it is beautiful. Organic influences are the key in product design for the residential market, while other additions reflect design trends relevant to the commercial market.

Twenty-five new designs have been added to the Gibraltar® line of solid surfacing. The new colors are additions to existing series, with the creation of three new series - Creta, Riverstone and Spectra.

The new Creta series mixes the look of organic-man-made and translucent-techno into a concrete look that contains subtle light reflectivity through small bits of fractured glass-like particles.

The new Riverstone series features a larger particulate structure that is reminiscent of the varying types of stones and pebbles found in the river bed of a stream. Small, fine, crisp pebbles; irregularly shaped complex stones; quartz-like stones that offer translucency in various combinations.

The new Spectra series is a medium scaled particulate structure carrying an assortment of colorful chips in a neutral, white or black matrix.

Look Deeper into Wilsonart Earthstone® expanded palette of fourteen total designs to experience the visual connections to nature's own stone and mineral surfaces. But unlike porous natural stones like granite that requires to be sealed annually, Wilsonart Solid Surface is "Sealer Free" and easy to keep clean.

Now you can experience the luxury and prestige of a Solid Surface that is nonporous, renewable, repairable, resists stains, mold and mildew. Combine the added value of inconspicuous, waterproof seams that coordinate seamlessly with Wilsonart sinks.

Consider the possibilities of incorporating with other products to supply unlimited design options from classic to custom creations limited only by your imagination for any residential or commercial application.

Add the appeal of Wilsonart Solid Surface versatility and cost savings benefits:

• Custom sizes

• 60" x 144" sheets

• optional sanding on both sides of selected designs

• 1/4" thick factory stocked sheets in selected colors

Look Deeper into Wilsonart Solid Surface and you will like what you see.