The Triangle Pacific Flooring Group division of Armstrong World Industries Inc. has announced that all National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) certified installers will be able to continue their education at the company’s corporate training facility in Nashville, Tenn., without a charge for tuition.

Triangle Pacific’s installation training courses provide comprehensive hands-on instruction on the installation of hardwood floors, including all the company’s brands. Among the topics covered are Jobsite Conditions and Preparation, Basic and Custom Layouts, Floating Floor Laminates, Trim and Molding, and Floor Care.

The cost for the 2000 training sessions is $240, however Triangle Pacific will waive the tuition fees for any certified NWFA installer who would like to receive additional training. This opportunity also applies to any field training sessions offered by the company. The NWFA certification program includes a comprehensive written test as well as a hands-on test in which students must demonstrate a solid understanding of installation, sanding and finishing.