Pictured left to right: Guido Trussardi, director of engineering services; Luciano Trussardi, director of group investments; Dr. Giorgio Squinzi, CEO of MAPEI Group; Judith Valles, mayor of San Bernardino; and Rafaele Greco, architect of record for the San Bernardino plant.

MAPEI's newest plant will be expanded over the next few years.

After burrowing through a thicket of red tape, MAPEI Americas officials cut the ribbon on a 111,000 square foot plant in San Bernardino, Calif. The new facility will serve California, Nevada, Utah, southern Idaho, Colorado and Wyoming and is expected to speed delivery to the customers in the Pacific Time Zone.

At a recent ribbon cutting ceremony, company officials noted that construction of the facility involved compliance with a series of state and local environmental and safety regulations. The proposed height and number of a storage silos, for example, had to be significantly scaled back out of concern that they would diminish the view of the picturesque San Bernardino mountains that tower just beyond the building.

"Building a plant in California was not easy," said Nicolas Di Tempora, president of MAPEI Americas at the opening ceremony. "But we are very thrilled that we did and we have great expectations for this plant." He added that the opening represented only the first phase of a project that will be expanded over the next few years. He also used the occasion to make a donation to the local library and noted that his company would adapt to the California culture.

"When we went to Germany we became German," said Di Tempora. "When we went to Italy we became Italian. When we came to America we became Americans. Now that we are here in California we will become Californians."

The new plant will initially produce powder products for all MAPEI lines, including mortars and grouts for tile, cementitious products for concrete restoration, and cement patching compound for use under vinyl, carpet and wood floor coverings. The facility was designed by architect Rafaelle Greco, and is situated about 60 miles east of Los Angeles.