The National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) has announced that it will form a partnership with the Australian State – Wood Flooring Association. An international development task force has been established by the NWFA, which will study and analyze the formation of the National Wood Flooring Association of Australia. This is the first step toward the NWFA's international expansion.

Says NWFA President Wayne Cotton, “The state presidents of the Australian Timber Floor and Finishing Associations recently joined forces to form Australia's first national association. Since the NWFA has conducted workshops and seminars in Australia over the years, and because many members of this newly formed Australian association already are members of the NWFA, the presidents of the Australian State – Wood Flooring Association approached us about forming an Australian branch of the NWFA."

While the international development task force will need to research the logistics of setting up an Australian branch of the NWFA, the NWFA has agreed to the partnership in principle. The NWFA and the Australian group will meet to work out details to present to both organizations' boards of directors later this year.