An upbeat attitude, greater knowledge of legal issues and a better grasp on showrooms design are among the benefits promised to manufacturers and distributors traveling to the Floor Installation Association of North America's 12th annual Convention & Trade Show. Scheduled for Oct. 5-7 at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta, the meeting is expected to draw about 500 attendees. According to FIANA president and CEO Jim Lee, the objective is to elevate the profession and, once again, address the persistent shortage of qualified installers.

"That remains the No. 1 topic," said Lee. "We need to improve the situation. While I'm not sure there are any answers, we are hope to find a consensus of opinion among manufacturers and distributors. We need a national effort. The goal of FIANA has always been to raise the level of professionalism through education."

The meeting will include a discussion titled "Is your company in compliance?" that will look at local and federal laws that affect installers. The schedule is also aimed at motivating attendees and building their business skills. Included is an opening session presentation titled "The only difference between a good day and a day isyourattitude" and another on the final day titled "Showroom display and point of sales selling." For information about attending e-mailfiana@alltel.netor call 817-326-2615.