Shaw’s added “green” serves as an environmental message.

As part of its continuing efforts to promote environmental stewardship in flooring, Shaw Industries has added green to its traditionally blue Anso nylon logo. The company says it wants to remind consumers that “Blue Is Green” while continuing an environmental commitment known as Shaw Green Edge. The new logo reflects the Nylon 6 carpet’s ability to be repeatedly recycled back into new carpet. According to Shaw, these carpets now carry the Shaw Green Edge and N6 (Nylon 6) identification, informing consumers that all 2007 Anso nylon products are both recyclable and contain post-consumer recycled carpet content.

“Shaw’s green efforts – especially over the past 10 years – have enabled the conservation reuse and renewal of materials within our organization,” says Mike Leary, director of Shaw External Fiber Sales and Marketing.

Shaw purchased the Anso nylon brand from Honeywell International in 2005 for its cradle-to-cradle production goal. The Shaw Green Edge will include the opening of Shaw’s Evergreen Nylon Recycling plant, capable of recycling Nylon 6 fiber, and converting as much as 100 million pounds of carpet waste annually.