MAPEI marketing director Steven Day (left) and NTCA executive director Bart Bettiga shake hands over the company’s decision to sponsor the NTCA’s program. The two men sealed the deal at Coverings 2007 in Chicago.

MAPEI said it will sponsor the National Tile Contractors Association’s Contractor Safety Program. Launched last year, the program urges company to establish a safety committee and conducting monthly “Safety Practices” meetings. According to MAPEI Americas CEO Rainer Blair, the program is in keeping with MAPEI’s focus on safety. He noted that the commitment “starts within our own company and extends to those contractors and installers who use our products. We feel the sponsorship of this program is a concrete way to show how much we value a safe workplace.”

NTCA executive director Bart Bettiga says the program is important for employees as well the employer. “As an employer, it is the contractor’s responsibility to create a safe, accident-free environment.” He added that the renewed focus could ultimately trim workers’ compensation cost. “We are happy that MAPEI shares our viewpoint and is supporting this important program,” he added.