Alliance Flooring members at the retailer’s annual summit, held this year at Montgomery’s CarpetsPlus Color Tile in Venice, Fla.

A focus on ways to rebound from slumping business conditions and a preview of products for 2008 topped the agenda at the recent Alliance Flooring 2007 Summit in Venice, Fla. Bringing together members from flooring stores including CarpetsPlus Color Tile, Carpetland Color Tile, Floorco and Color Tile Outlet, the three-day event was designed to offer immediate benefits to retailers.

“It is our belief that our members gain tremendous knowledge by attending these events,” said Ron Dunn, co-CEO of Alliance Flooring. “These events are not filled with lightweight theories; instead, they offer practical advice that is very usable in day-to-day operations.”

The summit was hosted at Montgomery’s CarpetsPlus Color Tile store in Venice. Owner Michael Montgomery says he learned as much at the summit as the retailers on hand. “We opened all aspects of our business to our fellow Alliance members including operations, sales, installation, compensation, commercial sales and business best practices,” he said. “Our goal was to learn as much as they did – and I believe we have.”

The meeting offered retailers a preview of products set for 2008. Included were updates to the EcoChoice and Artistic Impressions programs launched last year. The company noted that it would fine-tune some of its selections based on feedback from the advisory board and members at the summit.