Residential and commercial sales are up slightly, while builder business continues to remain flat. These were the findings of a recent survey conducted by The Bowe Co. of more than 200 World Floor Covering Association members. The full second quarter report is available exclusively to the WFCA membership.

WFCA president and CEO Chris Davis said there were “no real surprises” in the second quarter findings. “It continues to confirm anecdotal information about the state of the industry that strong retailers in solid markets continue to perform well, while weak retailers in weak local markets do not,” Davis noted.

In residential sales, 49 percent of respondents reported an uptick in sales over the previous quarter, with 17 percent saying that sales were down and 8 percent reporting they were flat. In the commercial business, more than half of respondents (54 percent) said they were seeing increases in sales, while 15 percent saw decreases and 19 percent said sales were flat, the WFCA reported. Builder business was down for 35 percent of respondents, up for 19 percent, and flat for 16 percent.

Additionally, carpet was the number one product sold for 67 percent of respondents. This was followed distantly by hardwood (14 percent) and tile/stone (11 percent). Retailers noted that the lowest sales volume was for resilient (46 percent) and laminate (23 percent).