Mohawk Industries has brought its environmental efforts together under one name: Greenworks. Projects including the SmartStrand fiber made using DuPont Sorona derived from corn to a wide-scale recycling project aimed at converting nearly 25 percent of all soft drink bottles in the U.S. to carpet fiber are under the Greenworks umbrella. The program is aimed at helping “customers, dealers, employees and others to better understand the full scope of Mohawk’s environmental efforts,” according to the company.

“It’s easy to say you’re green. It’s a lot more difficult to actually be green,” said Frank Endrenyi, vp of sustainable development for Mohawk. “Greenworks is designed to help people understand how much effort goes into this process-and how it impacts every level of our company.”

A key component of the program is a new recycling center for post-consumer carpet called the Mohawk Greenworks Center. Based in Chatsworth, Ga., the plant uses patent-pending technology to process all parts of the carpet, including fiber, backing and latex, and recovers approximately 90 percent of the materials for reuse. Additional plants can be built “virtually anywhere,” according to Endrenyi.