To Flooring Retailers:

The housing market is down, home foreclosures are rampant, it’s an election year, and transportation costs continue to skyrocket.  We can all point fingers at any number of contributing factors, but the bottom line is that “times are tough”.  In these difficult times, we need to focus on what sets us apart from the rest.  Retailers need products that are economical but yet offer great profit potential; products that will enhance the performance of floors and that are great for the environment.

At MP Global Products, we are holding the line against price increases.  Although most expenses continue to rise, we’ve kept the majority of our product prices frozen at the pre-2007 level.  Many flooring underlayments utilize chemical or petroleum based ingredients, however our best-selling QuietWalk® doesn’t.  With the way the price of oil continues to raise, we’re happy to report that our best selling underlayments are made primarily of recycled textile fibers, not petroleum.  The good news here is that the costs of our raw materials are not nearly as volatile as most.  Even better news is that our fiber underlayments are considered “green” which is a great story for your environmentally conscientious consumers.

Besides the recycled content, our fiber underlayments exceed the standards set for hospitals and schools with regard to contribution to clean indoor air.  The added benefit of not using chemical-based components is that our products don’t off gas with a chemical odor.

We know you are bombarded weekly with news and hype about “Green” building products these days.  Please don’t be fooled by companies that are just painting a green picture of their products.  Ask the experts that know the difference between “Green” and “Green washing”.   We did.  That’s why Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) have certified our recycled content and also awarded us the prestigious “Advantage Gold” certification for indoor air quality. 

We’re happy to report that our fiber underlayments have been “Green” since before it was fashionable.  We didn’t choose to make our products with recycled materials just because it was trendy; we chose to do it because it was the right thing to do.

For more information on our diverse line of underlayment products, visit our website at or call us toll-free at 888-379-9695.  We are MP Global Products . . . the architects’ natural choice for clean, quiet and “green” underlayments.

Best wishes,

Jack Boesch
Director of Sales & Marketing