DearNational Floor TrendsReaders,

On behalf of the Shaw Industries family, we would first like to thank you for your loyalty and continued support. The last couple of years have certainly been exciting for the company with the acquisition of Anderson Hardwood, increased product and marketing innovation, the evolution of the Shaw Green Edge, and the adoption of Shaw’s sustainability business platform. However, our company and our industry have also seen our share of challenges as the country experiences a significant economic downturn.

As the overall economy struggles, our company and industry are certainly not immune. After 33 years in the flooring business, I know there are going to be peaks and valleys. Flooring is a cyclical business, and we have learned that it’s all about attitude and positioning. You can approach the downturns positively and see it as an opportunity to improve as you work through the challenges, or you can approach it negatively focusing on all of the issues that are hurting the business. While it is dangerous to ignore the reality of the situation, I challenge the industry to react positively and create an environment where we can emerge from this trough stronger and better prepared for the upturn.

We’re improving our way of doing business here as well. Whether we’re gathering interior designers and retailers for feedback on our latest flooring prototypes, or working with companies like Benjamin Moore on defining the latest color trends, Shaw is committed to delivering the best and most innovative flooring products on the market. Aside from style and design, Shaw is working on the depth and diversification of our offerings, particularly in hard surface. Look for some of our best product offerings to date as well as revolutionary new retail concepts and tools as we roll out new offerings later this year.

While we’re fine-tuning our businesses, it’s also important to look ahead. The Shaw Green Edge is a promise to future generations. In the course of Shaw’s environmental journey, the Shaw Green Edge was developed as an environmental communication platform to include the company’s many environmental and social initiatives. In April, Shaw’s executive team expanded the meaning and purpose of the Shaw Green Edge as defining the company’s sustainability business platform to drive business performance, innovation, growth, and productivity. We believe that sustainability fully defines the company’s business model as the foundation necessary to continue positioning Shaw as the industry leader today and in the future.

Ultimately, as a supplier, our goal each day is to work to help our customers be more successful. We’re striving to exceed your expectations while continually working to provide tools to help you improve your business productivity and operations. From investing in technology that can help reduce costs, to providing efficient and effective training for your staff, to helping find ways to improve your processes, the Shaw family is dedicated to your success. Every successful business that we know of goes above and beyond for its customers, and Shaw is working to go above and beyond for you.

Vance D. Bell
Chairman and CEO
Shaw Industries Group, Inc.