1) What is your unique and specific plan to capture new business?
W.F. Taylor will emphasize our well-established strengths in the flooring industry. Taylor is the acknowledged technology leader in flooring adhesives and we will pursue new business basing our efforts on the advantages of superior performance adhesives. In addition, products that are friendly to the environment are extremely important in this day and age and that is another of Taylor’s well established fortes. We see flooring manufacturers devoting increased attention to offering environmentally favorable products. Our plan is to help the flooring industry achieve their environmental goals hand in hand with offering them superior performing and installation friendly adhesive products.

2) What is the message you want to send to the industry?
There is never any compromise on product quality and performance. There always exists a segment of any market that seeks a cheap and easy way out. However, what seems like a good deal initially because it is cheap or offers unrealistic promises is more often very costly in the long run. Basically, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is not. There is no easy way out.

3) What is your perspective on the current business climate?
No one will argue that these are not tough and trying times. This is one of the worst business situations that we have had for a long time. However, Taylor is dedicated to taking care of all of our customers and helping them through to better days for all of us. We are making sacrifices, as are our customers, but economic recovery and a return to prosperity will come. Hang in there!

4) How will 2009 unfold for your company - and our industry?

All indicators point to a slow recovery and there is no crystal ball to give us any definitive time table. Certainly easing of raw material, fuel, and energy costs are key factors, and they must occur to bring the flooring industry back into balance. Often dealing with this type of adversity makes a company much stronger and profitable in the long run. 

5) What are the strides you are making in the crucial area of environmental responsibility?
W.F. Taylor is the unquestioned leader in our industry for creating environmentally responsible flooring adhesive products. Taylor was the pioneer in solvent free adhesives in the late 1980’s, and we have continued this leadership with the development and introduction of our high performance patented Meta-Tec® technology. Taylor is the ONLYflooring adhesive company to pursue and gain the coveted GREENGUARD® certification for its product line. This difficult-to-achieve environmental certification for excellent indoor air quality products is a result of Taylor’s dedication to and stewardship of the environment. In addition, Taylor continually strives to improve our manufacturing environmental performance by reduction of waste, efficient use of fuels, energy, water and raw materials, as well as implementing safe and efficient storage, handling, and transportation of all materials.

-- Jack Raidy, Jr.