Over the years, Lauzon has built an enviable reputation through consistently innovative practices and adherence to the strictest environmental and quality standards. It is this foundation that will provide the underpinnings we need to move forward as we gear up for the economic turmoil that lies ahead.

Some companies will undoubtedly hunker down in 2009, halting new initiatives in hopes that this will help them weather the economic storm. Needless to say, we do not subscribe to that philosophy. From our perspective, now, more than ever, is the time to forge ahead. In our industry, it’s those innovative companies that can keep growing when the going gets rough that will be here for the long term. In fact, tough times create new opportunities for those who know where to look. It’s all about filling a niche with value-added products and innovations that anticipate and respond to customer needs.

At SURFACES this year, we launched no less than 30 new products! This is testament to our long-lasting commitment to fulfilling our customers’ needs. What’s more, it reflects the kind of thinking that is driving our plans for the year ahead. Our emphasis on innovative products and technical advancement ensures that we will continue to offer the best flooring solutions for today’s market. Not only that, it also empowers our distributors and retailers to stay a step ahead of the competition and ride out tough times by aligning themselves with a quality brand.

So what’s in store for 2009? We’ll be going on the offensive again, with more new products designed in response to emerging trends, including stunning character flooring and minimalist designs aimed especially at niche markets where demand is growing. We will also be proceding with the full-scale deployment our Polynium+ with Titanium Traffic finish-a remarkable finish that combines the renowned clarity of our Polynium+ finish and the resistance of our Titanium Traffic commercial finish, for outstanding results.  

On the environmental front, 2009 will be marked by ongoing progress as we pursue our environmental initiatives under our Forests First green plan. Lauzon has a long-standing tradition of environmentally responsible products and practices. In fact, we were sourcing raw materials from environmentally and economically sustainable forests long before it was fashionable. Today, we are pleased to announce that, starting May 1, 2009, all our hard maple solid flooring will be FSC-certified. And we are especially proud to be offering our eco-friendly products at no additional cost to our customers. 

With fundamentals like these, it’s easy to see why Lauzon will continue to lead the hardwood flooring industry for innovation and quality. Find out how we can contribute to the success of your business as your logical partner for growth in the years ahead.