An in-store kiosk from Showroom Technology for Shaw dealers. The newest version of the kiosk includes a range of additional features designed to drive consumers to the store.

Shaw Industries has partnered with Showroom Technology to offer a new in-store kiosk to Shaw Flooring Network dealers. The SHOW/PRO kiosk system is designed with “unique marketing features designed to drive more foot traffic, collect more consumer data and ultimately write more business,” according to Showroom Technology.

The kiosk system integrates barcode technology into direct mail and e-mail marketing programs enticing consumers with special discounts that can be completed in-store. There, consumers are offered the opportunity to easily and privately complete a store credit application. The kiosk allows dealers to obtain real-time response rates, engage in automated e-mail marketing and learn consumer shopping preferences.

“The SHOW/PRO kiosk offers a more engaging experience with the consumer as well as offering great value to the dealer regarding sales associate training, increasing sales, and enhancing the dealers’ marketing efforts. We look forward to the success of this joint effort,” said Scott Humphrey, director of the Shaw Flooring Network.