Tai Ping’s hand-tufted Regallia collection uses New Zealand wool.

Tai Ping has partnered with Wools of New Zealand for use of the Laneve fiber brand. Wool Partners International, the parent company of Wools of New Zealand, recently launched Laneve as a specialty fiber brand for wool that meets specific standards for on-farm practices, animal welfare, sustainability, traceability and the environment.

“New Zealand wool has long been our fiber of choice,” said Eric Cooper, Tai Ping’s vp global technical operations and sustainability. “We applaud this enhanced focus on sustainable practices and are pleased to be an Inaugural Laneve Partner.”

Elise Dembowski, Wools of New Zealand’s executive director for North America, said, “Our partnership with Tai Ping builds on the presence already established by Wools of New Zealand internationally and on Laneve in the United States, where we have so far announced 18 Laneve brand partnerships.”