End-users and QFloors executives at the 2010 Users Conference in Snowbird, Utah.

Marking the 10th anniversary of QFloors' floor covering software, the recent QFloors Users Conference drew members from around the country for three days of “Higher Learning” at the Snowbird Cliff Lodge resort in the Wasatch Mountains in Snowbird, Utah.

The conference featured group sessions to discuss QFloors flooring software in general and numerous breakout classes that focused on specific elements of the system. Executives also held one-on-one meetings with participants to talk about their individual needs or issues.

Chad Ogden, QFloors’ ceo, said the annual conference is a way for users to come together and sharpen their understanding of the software. It also allows QFloors management to educate users on new features to the system.

“Attendees tell us the conference is beneficial on many levels,” he said, “They are able to fine-tune skills and learn about new features. They network and share ideas with one another. They get and give input on their business processes, and what works for them. They communicate to us their needs and priorities. Each dealer has both shared and unique needs for his operation, and these conferences give us the opportunity to address those.”

Trent Ogden, QFloors coo, added, “We also use the conference to get customers’ input on future generations of the system and the upcoming year’s development priorities.”

The three-day meeting was packed with information, including getting the most out of specific QFloors products or features, helping users understand the importance of properly prepared financial statements, and practical courses on how to avoid common mistakes that cause inventory to be out of balance, various general bookkeeping procedures including journal entries, paying multiple customer invoices with one check, managing refunds and vendor claims, and partial receiving of product.

Trent Ogden said QFloors executives and trainers also discussed new features in QFloors 5.0 and 5.1, including some little-known features. “That’s one of the many benefits of coming to the Users Conference,” he explained. “We go over helpful and practical things like fast cuts, ways to get additional data out of the system, better inventory control, greater understanding of what your numbers are telling you, and much more.”

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