After a successful launch of the new Tigressá Softstyle carpet, CCA Global Partners recently donated $25,000 to the Save the Tiger Fund. The donation was based on a percentage of Tigressá Softstyle sales and tweets made by consumers throughout the launch promotion.

CCA Global Partners chose to partner with the Save the Tiger Fund in order to give back to the endangered species that inspired its new product. Save the Tiger Fund supports conservation efforts that enable endangered wild tigers to recover and flourish, and works to empower local people to live in balance with their natural surroundings.

“We are extremely thankful for CCA Global Partners’ generous donation and their help in raising awareness for our organization and the importance of helping to save wild tigers,” said Dr. Mahendra Shrestha, director, Save the Tiger Fund.

“We felt that it was important to honor the species that inspired our new product by contributing to an organization that is making efforts to ensure that tigers will  be around to inspire others with their beauty and strength for many generations to come,” added Howard Brodsky, co-founder, chairman, and co-ceo of CCA Global Partners.

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