Håkansson currently serves as EVP at Välinge, R&D manager and manager Surface technology.

Darko Pervan continues as chairman of the board and as Group CEO for Välinge Flooring Technology – the mother company of Välinge group, which is owned by Pervan Holding AB.

Niclas Håkansson was employed in 2003 and is presently EVP in Välinge, R&D manager and manager Surface technology.

In April this year, Pervan Holding increased its ownership in Välinge Flooring technology (VFT) from 50 - 100%. VFT is presently exploring several investment opportunities related to flooring. A new VFT management team will be formed under the management of Darko Pervan.

Nicklas Håkansson will manage the present Välinge group that has been very successful since it was founded in 1994

“I have been CEO of Välinge during 17 very exiting years. The time has come to hand over the management to Niclas Håkansson and Per Nygren (EVP). They have been responsible for a major part of our business for several years and I am convinced that they will be able to develop Välinge further in line with our present strategy. At the same time I see many exciting opportunities for VFT and for our other activities in Välinge Invest AB and I hope that I will be able to spend some more time to develop other business activities” says Darko Pervan, Chairman of the board.