The North American Association of Floor Covering Distributors (NAFCD) is reaching out to its members this summer via a survey to find out their most pressing issues and needs. The survey is the direct result of recent strategic planning conducted by the NAFCD Board of Directors, and will help the group refine its strategic objectives.

“This survey will give us a chance to look in the mirror and see exactly how things have changed, what’s going well, and what needs attention in the floor covering industry,” said Robert Wagner, NAFCD president. “As the economy continues to sort itself out, we want to be in step with our members so that we’re in a position to help them survive and grow in any climate.”

“This is a critical time to assess what our members need the most from the organization,” added Michelle Miller, NAFCD exec. dir. “As the economy heads in a new direction, receiving candid input from distributors and manufacturers will allow us to offer meaningful services and products that will benefit the industry and give members many more reasons to stay with us.”

NAFCD selected Kadence International, an independent market research firm with experience in the floor covering industry to conduct the survey and analyze the data. NAFCD plans to roll out its updated strategy, based on the results of the surveys, by the fall.