Shaw Hospitality Group's Global Reason.

Global Reason by Shaw Hospitality Group won a top award in the IIDA/HD Product Design Competition under the Flooring - Carpeting & Carpet Systems, Rugs category. Shaw Hospitality Group also won a Best Product Display award for its booth during HD Expo.

Inspired by the art of block printing, Global Reasons features designs derived from "cultural cross-pollination, ethnic-influenced hues and vintage batik patterns that evolved into contemporary motifs," said Pamela Rainey, design manager. "The result is a sustainable carpet collection where updated geometrics, mixed motifs and graphic compositions created a culturally eclectic feel."

Global Reason coordinates with the Style Tribe Eco Evolution print and computer yarn placement (CYP) collection for public spaces. Both carpet collections are Cradle to Cradle Certified by McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry. They are completely recyclable, containing 25 percent pre-consumer recycled content, according to the company.