After more than 15 years of managing Koehler Flooring in Green Bay, Wis., David Koehler describes his greatest managerial challenge with strong conviction. Koehler explains this struggle as “keeping the organization motivated to stay up with new trends and changes in the industry.”

Koehler has witnessed the 40-year-old business grow from a single-man operation to a dozen employees. In his time managing the company, he has learned the importance of ensuring his business can quickly adapt to the changes and opportunities present in the industry. Some of the biggest changes include technology innovations, tightening environmental standards and new product demands.

Being in such a competitive industry, Koehler seeks to take the challenging route rather than fall behind his competitors. He claims, “It’s so easy to fall into a funk, even during times of success.” Koehler knows if he ever sits back and relaxes, he will quickly fall victim to the development and growth of his competitors. He believes that businesses that stay within their comfort zones have a tendency to stagnate and lose relevance over time. Having taken his residential retailer business through the housing crisis and recession, Koehler knows firsthand how quickly a company can fall apart.

As a business leader in the community, Koehler keeps a positive attitude around his employees and tries to keep morale high. He states, “It’s important to me, our customers, and ultimately ensures future business.” He added keeping both his customers and his employees happy is what will ensure the company’s success for many years to come.