Summit International Flooring has partnered with Jacaranda Carpets, a U.K. company that makes high-end luxury carpets and rugs.

Jacaranda offers carpets and rugs created by hand on traditional wooden looms. This labor intensive process, produced by skilled artisans, is what gives the carpets and rugs the distinctive character and unique textures. The company's hand woven broadloom carpets and area rugs use natural fibers like pure wool, viscose and Tencel. Its wide range of natural, undyed wool products are possible by sourcing different wools from around the world, according to the company.

Partnering with Jacaranda not only expands Summit Flooring's luxury carpet offerings, it propels them into the residential arena, according to the company.

“This U.K.-based company has worked many years to offer the most consistent quality in the industry,” said David Numark, president and owner of Summit Flooring. “We are excited and proud to stand with such a respectable company. They also offer the most thick and luxurious carpets available in wool and Tencel, along with area rug options. We know our designers and clients will love their lush look and feel.”

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