Following a recent "60 Minutes" story regarding a retailer’s Chinese-manufactured laminate flooring and its formaldehyde content, the North American Laminate Flooring Association (NALFA) is offering talking points for retailers who carry NALFA-certified products to help assure customers that not all laminate flooring carries the dangers of the flooring highlighted in the TV report.

According to Bill Dearing, NALFA’s president, the association is the only ANSI-accredited trade organization exclusively dedicated to the North American laminate flooring industry and representative to the International Standards Organization (ISO).
"NALFA-certified products must pass 10 rigorous tests conducted by an independent third-party laboratory, including meeting or exceeding CARB Phase 2 emission standards, to be approved to carry the NALFA Certification Seal," he said. "This seal serves as verification that a product will provide the retailer and consumer a safe flooring option."
"The '60 Minutes' story reinforced the importance of standards and purchasing certified product. NALFA-certified laminate flooring is readily available through a multitude of sales outlets," added Dearing. "We strongly encourage retailers and consumers to purchase laminate flooring products and accessories carrying the NALFA seal."
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