Flowers grown using Bellbridge wool carpet as a planter liner.

Bellbridge Carpets, a Wools of New Zealand Brand partner based in Benicia, Calif., recently worked with students at the nearby Harvest Park Middle School in Pleasanton to test the ecological properties of recycled wool carpet. The school's Ecology Club designed an experiment to measure plant growth when cocoa fiber and recycled Bellbridge carpet were used as liners for the planters. It became quickly apparent the wool-lined planters helped create much healthier flowers.

“New Zealand wool is known as a natural, rapidly renewable and safe fiber,” says Bruce Bell, president of Bellbridge Carpets. “Few realize that New Zealand wool is also a great source of nitrogen, potassium, sulphur and magnesium--all the basic elements that are good for soil and can aid plant growth. We were pleased to partner with Harvest Park Middle School to visually illustrate the eco-benefits of New Zealand wool."

Students measured and photographed the flowers placed in five baskets for three months. The baskets were set on poles and lined with cocoa fiber, wool carpet or a combination of the two. Students found "the wool lining promoted healthier, more vibrant flowers" with better "height, density and intensity of color," according to Bellbridge.