At Coverings, Tile of Spain exhibited advanced technology and design choices with quality and versatility from nearly 70 Spanish ceramic and stone manufacturers.

Some highlights of the Spain Pavilion at Coverings include:

The colors of the sea come to life with the Ocean Collection by Adex. Available in White Caps, Sand Dollar, Surf Grey and Top Sail colors in flat, glazed and decorative pieces, the series can be mixed and matched to bring the relaxing elements of the ocean onto the wall. 

Alcalagres introduced the Dolmen collection, a multipurpose tile ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. It is stain resistant, frost resistant, acid resistant and resistant to high volumes of foot traffic complete with a non-slip finish.

The Polar collection by Aparici provides a balance for organic and minimalistic spaces. Its pure light finish and the mother-of-pearl color lighten the essence of any room.

Argenta Cerámica introduced the Tundra collection, a six-shade porcelain palette of neutral, functional colors that present a recreation of natural stone. It is capable of reinterpreting natural materials with precision and without losing their essence.

A spectacular appearance characterized by boldness and a large variety of tones makes the Outland series by Colorker an essential for homes looking for ways to add a unique touch. Available in four shades including Winter, Deep, Nature and Silver the Outland series is about the capacity to see beyond limits.

Equipe features the Brick collection of porcelain tiles. The collection has been designed with multiple graphic patterns and reliefs to reflect traditional handmade brick. Formats are produced with size variations to achieve an aesthetic that replicates natural brick.

Fanal introduced Gneis, a series that results from the metamorphism of granite into bands of quartzite and mica. The series is available in Blanco, Gris and Natural colors.

Inspired by industrial settings and the robust solidity of large cement panels comes the Ground series by Inalco. The collection is synonymous with the concepts of strength and architectural resilience.

Following the trend of recreating wood looks comes the Foresta Arizona collection by Peronda. The floor tile series is available in four colors and two sizes.

Inspired by smooth stones, the Castel series by Saloni is a rectified porcelain tile series with a modern rustic appeal. The series unites tradition with modern technology and careful design.

Bringing color and design into both walls and floors, the Playground series by Venus Ceramica is available in solid, brick or cotto options, in black, beige and grey colors.

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