Metroflor hosted a trip to China and factory mill tour for all of its distributor partners.

The goal was to showcase the relationships, equity and quality control capabilities the company has established more than 40 years of manufacturing in Asia to reinforce a high confidence level doing business with Metroflor.

“The trip was an excellent learning experience," said Jennette Davis, product manager, The Cronin Co. “It has given me a greater understanding of the long history, strong relationships, capabilities, technology, investments and forward-thinking vision that has made Metroflor so successful. I was also impressed by the facilities and their employees, manufacturing processes and quality checks and standards put in place."

Gary Keeble, Metroflor's director of marketing, said, “The factory mill tour reinforced our Specialist credibility, showcased our commitment to innovation and demonstrated our thoroughness relative to quality and safety. Our distributors were able to see with their own eyes how Metroflor is exceeding their expectations.”

The week-long trip, which began and ended in Shanghai, toured three Metroflor manufacturing facilities as well as a decorative print-film facility. Distributors were able to witness start-to-finish production of all Metroflor products, including its new Engage Genesis and Aspecta Ten products that feature ISOCORE Technology. There was also time for sight-seeing, shopping, gourmet dining, a river cruise and just generally soaking up the local culture—including a visit to a youth Ping Pong school.

“The trip was a successful one that highlighted the degree of sophistication built into the manufacturing of our products, provided for enjoyable entertainment and sightseeing and further strengthened the bonds that help make Metroflor and its distributors the most formidable force in North America’s resilient flooring market,” said Russ Rogg, CEO of the company.

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