Beaulieu has announced the launch of Your HomeStyle (YHS), an innovative aligned dealer program that makes the opportunity to grow profits very simple. 
YHS is a private labeled brand of soft and hard surface floor covering products, including carpet, hardwood, laminate and vinyl. It is exclusive to Beaulieu and is available at a select group of independent retailers across North America. 
Your HomeStyle’s unique color-coded selling system has been tested over the course of several years by more than 100 retailers in Canada with spectacular results and is now available in the U.S. It is a simplified approach for today’s savvy consumers. 
The YHS selling system allows dealers to change the conversation with their customers. Instead of talking about widths, weights or spread ratios, they will talk about style, color, value and fashion. This allows the consumers to feel like they are buying rather than being sold to.
Four distinct lifestyles
The most ground breaking and unique feature of the Your HomeStyle selling system is the use of its four distinct lifestyles, Boho Chic, Studio Urbano, Classik Elegance and Cozy Casa. By understanding the customers' taste and personal style, retail sales associates (RSAs) can quickly and easily match them with the product collection that has the right look and feel for them.
This is why the Inspiration Center is one of the key pieces of the entire program. This interactive display changes the conversation with the consumer and allows the RSAs to assess the customers' needs without it being awkward. The four lifestyles are described in a way that makes the process of finding the ideal flooring products for their home very easy.
This new selling system is a combination of strong messaging through the use of the four lifestyles, which are color-coded throughout the entire sampling process, along with great visuals that let the consumer know that Beaulieu and its YHS partners understand flooring fashion. Because of the YHS system, the customers feel that the retailer has a complete understanding of their needs and that they’re a part of the selection process. 
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