CBC Flooring, a sustainability-focused flooring company whose brands are synonymous with quality and environmental responsibility, is rolling out the new Mature Select premium resilient sheet flooring from TOLI International for healthcare facilities. 
Available in an extensive collection of beautifully rendered, realistic woodgrain and nature-inspired natural fleck patterns protected by a unique, two-tier antibacterial wear layer that actively resists stains and scuffs without waxing and stripping, Mature Select flooring lays the groundwork for creating warm, inviting interiors in high-traffic healthcare facilities.
Exclusively available from CBC Flooring, Mature Select premium resilient sheet flooring delivers an ideal balance of beauty, strength, affordability and durability, providing healthcare facility designers with an array of appealing aesthetic options that not only exhibit exceptional resilience against heavy foot traffic and wheeled patient transport and monitoring devices, but also eliminate the expensive, disruptive, and chemical-laden waxing and stripping maintenance required by conventional commercial sheet flooring.
Currently available in 18 ultra-realistic woodgrain patterns in various shades, in addition to 12 new, natural fleck colorways—all of which are protected by TOLI’s patent-pending ClearGuard transparent, two-tier, antibacterial wear layer—Mature Select premium resilient sheet flooring both enhances interior beauty and effectively reduces the total cost of ownership in high-traffic healthcare environments, allowing facility managers to allocate more budget to patient care.
“TOLI’s Mature Select premium resilient sheet flooring represents a new industry standard for no-wax durability and performance in healthcare interiors,” said Chip Braulick, director, CBC Flooring. “The highly advanced, antibacterial, no-wax wear layer reduces facility maintenance costs and protects both patients and personnel from the chemicals, fumes, noise, and disruptions associated with waxing and stripping, and the broad palette of traditional woodgrain and natural fleck finishes provide designers with an array of options for creating warm, welcoming, and remarkably resilient interiors without compromising on quality or overall cost.”
Comprised of heat-fused compressed backing imbued with fiberglass reinforcements to resist tears, gouges, and indentations, Mature Select resilient sheet flooring provides improved pliability for easy installation and flash coving, and is compatible with heat-welded or chemically-welded seams. Further, in accordance with CBC Flooring’s EcoVision policy, Mature Select flooring is made with 10% post-consumer and 16% pre-consumer recycled content to support environmental and sustainability initiatives, including the US Green Building Council’s LEED program, as well as California’s Section 01350 standard for indoor environmental quality. Mature Select is also FloorScore certified, and a Healthcare Product Declaration (HPD) is available upon request.
For more information, visit CBCFlooring.com