Beaulieu’s marketing team recently revamped the company's Magic Fresh image to modernize it and to showcase how efficient the treatment is when it comes to eliminating odors.

“We have continually improved application methods to obtain a sustainable product that reactivates through numerous professional cleanings,” said Tracey Steelman, product developer at Beaulieu.

According to the company, Magic Fresh works faster, lasts longer and eliminates a broad range of household odors.

Moreover, Magic Fresh is clinically proven. It was tested using two of the most common odor complaints in the home: pet urine and cigarette smoke. When comparing results on a carpet treated with Magic Fresh versus a non-treated carpet, after a full 90-minutes the measured improvement on the Magic Fresh treated carpet was 80.8% for pet urine and 90% for cigarette smoke.

In order to stay consistent with the Magic Fresh brand, the logo’s design is staying the same but the colors are getting bolder and more modern. The use of orange and teal is trendy and brings a crisp feel to the visual. The new ads will be very simple and let the images speak for themselves, according to the company.

Beaulieu uses proprietary and exclusive materials applied to carpet fibers during the manufacturing process to give the carpet its Magic Fresh capabilities. In order for consumers to grasp this process quickly, the tagline “Odor Eliminator … Built in!” was added to the logo.

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