Allen has unveiled its new AR16 propane-powered wheel buggy.

The AR16 propane-powered buggy comes equipped with a factory-installed, environmentally-friendly propane system that is ideal for helping avoid job stoppages or potential fines due to air quality regulations. According to the company, the system produces cleaner emissions, less than 1% carbon monoxide, making it compliant with OSHA, CARB and EPA standards.

AR16's closed fuel system, engine components will run cleaner with less wear and tear which will result in less maintenance. Plus the use of propane allows equipment to reliably operate without carburetors getting gummed up due to the ethanol found in gasoline. With typical propane conversions, there is a fear of loss of power, but with the Allen AR16 Propane Buggy the power and load are unchanged compared to its gasoline-powered counterpart, according to the company.

“From interior restoration work to plant maintenance the need for cleaner emissions continues to grow and because of this we believe this product will make an excellent addition to rental fleets all over the country,” said Garry Haferbier, rental sales manager.

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