Angie's List is now offering free membership nationwide.

“This is a transformative moment for the new Angie’s List as we welcome more consumers into our community so they can experience the industry-leading value and unique services that we provide,” said Angie’s List president and CEO, Scott Durchslag. “Now with our new offerings, the 10-12 million visitors coming to our site each month looking for help with their home will be able to more easily find the best local service providers.” 

Additionally, two new premium membership tiers are now available, offering guarantees and value-added services beyond those reviews.

Each membership level is packed with value and builds on the other(s):

•Green: free-of-charge nationwide access to companies in more than 700 service categories; nationwide access to more than 10 million verified consumer ratings and reviews; and monthly digital form of the company’s magazine. 

•Silver: includes all green features plus Angie’s Fair Price Guarantee and Angie’s Service Quality Guarantee, exclusive discounts, chat and email customer support, a bimonthly print version of the magazine for $24.99 a year.

•Gold: includes all green and silver features plus complaint resolution process and customer support via phone for $99.99 a year. 

Benefits planned to be added in the coming quarters include tools for project pricing, scheduling, and financing (through partnerships), handyman chat line, a home emergency service line, instant hiring, as well as eCommerce savings.

“I am impressed with how enthusiastically consumers are embracing our new offering, and delighted with the strong growth in new memberships and engagement we are seeing," added Durchslag. "Since dropping the reviews paywall, a number of key member metrics are re-accelerating. In the most recent week, new member sign-ups increased nearly fourfold compared to a year ago and, among those members, unique visits more than doubled. In that same period, unique members searching have more than doubled and the number of service provider profile views from those members more than doubled. Although these are early days, the data is very encouraging. While growth in new free members will not impact near-term revenue, it is a critical milestone in executing our Profitable Growth Plan.”

To celebrate the new membership tiers, the first 5,000 consumers to sign up will be automatically entered into a sweepstakes offering a grand prize of $20,000 for their next home improvement project. Additionally, 150 other new members will receive free upgrades to the next membership tier or one-year free at a premium tier if the initial membership was at a prize-level tier. Fifty Gold memberships and 100 Silver memberships will be awarded.

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