It’s a busy year for design and technology innovations in the flooring industry. We explore the latest introductions in area rugs, carpet, hardwood, laminate, resilient, tile, stone and installation technologies.

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Carpet & Area Rugs

Anderson Tuftex

Anderson Tuftex (A/T) has carefully crafted 17 new carpet styles, four of which include the latest design technology that provides a more handcrafted look. These four new styles feature random striations and intentional color shifts in yarn color for a more organic look and feel. With the desire to create products that are as sustainable as they are beautiful, A/T continues to push the boundaries of carpet design with styles like Discover, which requires no pattern match for installation. This provides a truly organic and unique look to any home and with no pattern match, there is less material overage required for pattern alignment at seams, which results in lower waste installations. These new styles offer elegant colors as well as expand on customer favorites.


Godfrey Hirst

Godfrey Hirst wool carpets
Photo: Godfrey Hirst

Privileged to draw from over 150 years manufacturing experience in Australia and New Zealand, Godfrey Hirst is broadening its U.S. market appeal with refreshed branding and elevated product introductions. The backbone to Godfrey Hirst’s “Farm to Floor” portfolio is wool, the ultimate renewable product in the soft surface industry. Derived from natural resources such as water, sun and grass, wool is a natural fiber that requires less energy to produce than synthetic fibers. In addition to outstanding environmental integrity, Godfrey Hirst wool products provide remarkable beauty, performance and low-maintenance benefits.

Using advanced fiber innovation, Godfrey Hirst’s SmartStrand products feature permanent built-in stain resistance and exceptional durability. Made in part from renewable plant-based materials, these products are designed to perform.


Karastan Soft Surface

Karastan carpet introductions
Photo: Karastan

In the soft surface category, Karastan is releasing 12 new products across its fiber portfolios, including wool, SmartStrand and XTRA collection styles all offering unique trend and style diversity. Karastan’s high-impact wool offerings revitalize timeless styles with soft and modern multicolors and a mix of classic and bold patterns. SmartStrand introductions feature color refreshments for timeless styling that redefines the multicolor aesthetic. Karastan’s Kashmere XTRA collection combines the best, most exclusive fibers to provide endless design possibilities for next-level fashion and performance.


Mohawk PETPremier

Mohawk PETPremier carpet
Photo: Mohawk

Sustainably made in the USA, Mohawk’s PETPremier is pet-friendly, stylish and sustainable carpet for value- and performance-driven and millennial homeowners. The carpet's stain-resistant fiber is backed by a lifetime All Pet Protection & Warranty. PETPremier ensures comfort without compromising style.

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Philadelphia Commercial New Main Street Options

Philadelphia Commercial's Vantage + Visibility carpet
Photo: Philadelphia Commercial

Focusing on tenant improvement, education and resident living as key growth opportunities allows Philadelphia Commercial to stay laser focused on current customer needs. All-new carpet tile styles feature the versatility of Philadelphia Commercial’s StrataWorx tile platform which brings premium-level benefits to installs requiring affordability.

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Shaw Floors

Clever Blend carpet
Photo: Shaw Floors

These tiered carpet collections from Shaw Floors provide solutions for a wide range of customers, from those just getting started on their First Home, those prioritizing performance to keep up with their Active Pet Homes, to those settling into their Forever Home. The Simply the Best Values and Classics collections allow more budget-conscious customers to find attractive, timeless styles at affordable and attainable prices. Pet Perfect and Pet Perfect+ collections offer innovative durability and performance, from high-performance fibers to fiber to foundation protection in Pet Perfect+ powered by LifeGuard Spill-Proof Technology, that allow the floors to keep up with active households. Those customers seeking premium, high-end style can peruse the industry-leading Colorwall display to find the color that speaks to them.



Anderson Tuftex

Anderson Tuftex Coast to Coast collection
Photo: Anderson Tuftex

For hardwood, Anderson Tuftex has crafted two timeless new styles and one color addition for a beloved classic: Imperial Pecan. The two new styles are a reflection on vintage hardwood and the features that customers love about it. Styles like Transcendence features an innovative stain that reacts with the natural tannins of the wood, which allows the planks to undergo an elegant transformation. Each new style was designed to help homeowners create more self-expressive spaces.


MSI W Luxury Genuine Hardwood

W Engineered Hardwood Flooring Ladson collection
Photo: MSI

Three new colors are coming soon. MSI introduces W Engineered Hardwood Flooring with two new collections, Ladson and McCarran. From luminescent blonde hues and stylish grays to more contemporary dark browns, these high-end engineered hardwood lines are made from European White Oak that's crafted by skilled artisans creating clean grains and knots in every plank.


Välinge 5G NXT

Välinge 5G NXT
Dismantling floor panels featuring 5G NXT technology. Photo: Välinge

5G NXT is a brand-new update to 5G technology designed to further reduce the environmental impact of wooden floors and to meet new demands for more sustainable options. The upgraded insert is made from biomass-balanced materials with 75% lower carbon footprint, creating a more sustainable option without compromising on the strong, durable results all our locking systems are known for.

With 5G NXT, you can take floor panels apart piece-by-piece simply by tapping them. There is no need to remove an entire row and dismantling is done without using tools. This makes dismantling up to 40% faster and significantly reduces the risk of damaging the panels in the process, compared to traditional solutions. The unique fold up feature added to 5G NXT makes it possible to install, remove and re-install flooring.


Installation Products


Laticrete trims and profiles
Photo: Laticrete

Laticrete coordinates their profiles and trims pieces to their most popular grout colors and caulks, designers, installers and homeowners giving the ability to create seamless looks across an entire installation. Profiles & Trims are also the newest addition to the Laticrete AnyColor program. Choose from a limitless number of colors and combinations to create one-of-a-kind looks with matching profiles, grouts, sealants and more. Match the color palettes from today’s leading paint manufacturers to create a seamless motif or design bold colors that stand out from the crowd.

With over 4,000 products to choose from, and available in five materials including stainless steel 304 and 316, aluminum, brass, and PVC, Laticrete Profiles & Trims are compatible with a wide variety of materials including tile, stone, wood, LVT, terrazzo and more.


Merkrete Surface Prep, Dustless Mortars, and High-Performance Grouts and Caulks

Merkrete gauged porcelain tile panel installation products
Photo: Merkrete GPTP

Merkrete Pro Patch Plus is ideal for achieving flat surfaces, during the surface preparation process. Merkrete Fracture Guard FD prevents existing or eventual substrate cracks from transmitting through to the GPTP/S surface. Merkrete 820 DUSTLESS Merlite and 855 DUSTLESS XXL dustless mortars are formulated to accommodate the needed bond strengths and application times associated with GPTP/S installations. High-performance Merkrete ProGrout Plus delivers hard, durable joints while MK-100SC 100% Silicone Caulk yields expansion joints strong enough for GPTP/S installations.


SikaTile Grouts

SikaTile Grouts
Photo: SikaTile

SikaTile-815 Secure Grout is a high-performance, fast-setting, dustless grout delivers hard, durable joints and is formulated for strength and simplicity. The color-consistent, efflorescence-free grout is ideal for interior and exterior residential and commercial installations. SikaTile-815 Secure Grout is suitable for dimensional stone, slate, granite, stone agglomerates and most types of ceramic, ceramic mosaic, quarry, brick paver, porcelain, glass and clay tile installations.

SikaTile Ultima Grout is a professional-grade, ready-to-use grout designed for commercial and residential installation of porcelain, ceramic and natural-stone tiles, glass tile, gauged porcelain tile panels and slabs (GPTP/S), luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and luxury vinyl plank (LVP). It is used to grout interior and exterior applications, as well as intermittent wet conditions such as bathtub, surrounds, shower walls and shower floors. It is formulated with colored quartz technology to ensure color consistency, excellent stain resistance, ease of cleanability and improved workability. In addition, the grout will not effloresce and does not require sealing. Both new grouts are approved for joints ranging from 1⁄16" to 1⁄2" (1.5 to 13 mm) in width, eliminating the need for multiple grout products.


Shaw TotalWorx SpeedLink Spline

Shaw TotalWorx logo
Photo: TotalWorx

SpeedLink Spline is an innovative and essential tool designed to accelerate resilient flooring installations while ensuring precision and durability. This Shaw-owned, patent-pending specially engineered spline is the ideal solution for backfilling flooring installations, reducing the time expected to complete a project by up to 25%. SpeedLink Spline is compatible with various types of SPC, WPC and resilient flooring, ensuring it can be used for a wide range of projects and applications. Perfect for both professional flooring installers and DIY enthusiasts, SpeedLink Spline is the key to achieving high-quality results Fine Finish Patch.


TotalWorx Pet Perfect Underlayment

TotalWorx Pet Perfect Underlayment
Photo: TotalWorx

Pet Perfect Underlayment is a premium LVT underlayment provides superior sound suppression with an IIC 72 rating, and a reliable moisture barrier. It also guards against mold and mildew beneath the subfloor, ensuring a healthier environment. Pet Perfect Underlayment’s capacity to smooth uneven subfloors eliminates the need for messy prep work, saving time and money. The added thermal insulation is particularly advantageous for basements, enhancing the overall comfort of the space. Its shock-absorbing technology supports the floor locking system, contributing to increased comfort. With fanfold panels that lay flat and easy-to-cut grid lines, installation becomes a straightforward and efficient process. For a comprehensive underlayment solution that combines functionality, ease of installation, and comfort, Pet Perfect underlayment is the ideal solution.


TotalWorx Fine Finish Patch

TotalWorx Fine Finish Patch
Photo: TotalWorx

Designed for high moisture applications, Fine Finish Patch provides a smooth finish over concrete subfloors with no moisture testing required. It dries quickly for installation in as little as 15 minutes, is easy to mix and can even be retempered multiple times without the addition of water to extend working time. Fine Finish Patch installs from featheredge to 1/2".


Shaw CareWorx Scratch Patch Coating

Shaw CareWorx Scratch Patch Coating
Photo: TotalWorx

Designed to revive and renew the appearance of luxury vinyl, Scratch Patch coating is a durable finish applied to installed flooring. This translucent product is easy to apply, easy to maintain and dries quickly. In addition to reviving the original appearance of luxury vinyl, Scratch Patch can even strengthen the original protection, improving the performance and prolonging the life of the floor.


Shaw LokWorx TTT Adhesive

TTT (Tread - Trim - Tack Strip) adhesive is a versatile and reliable choice for both installers and DIYers. It stands out due to its exceptional performance and key features. This modified silane adhesive is specifically designed for use on treads, trim, tack strips, and as a hardwood glue assist. With a quick curing time of two hours, it ensures efficient and timely installations. Its high bond strength guarantees a secure and durable connection. TTT adhesive is available in convenient 10.5oz and 29oz tubes, making it easy to handle and apply.


Installation Tools & Equipment

Delmhorst JX-20 and JX-30

Delmhorst JX-20 and JX-30 moisture meters
Photo: Delmhorst

The new JX-20 is for flooring contractors, woodworkers, furniture manufacturers, QC inspectors and small mills, the JX-20 helps to keep up with ever-changing job conditions. With built-in 74 species correction and temperature correction, along with storage and informative reading statistics the JX-20 is an extremely versatile tool.

The JX-30 is one of the latest meters in the new Navigator family! Bringing lumber/woodworking, flooring professionals and inspectors two more professional-grade, accurate and versatile tools to address moisture issues and perform your job with complete confidence. The JX-30 features the Delmhorst EDGE App with expanded wood species, customizable settings, and the ability to share data from any location.


Delmhorst No Lift Install Systems Power Tilt Cart

Delmhorst No Lift Install Systems Power Tilt Cart
Photo: Delmhorst

The Power Tilt Cart is designed to help installers maneuver large slabs without injury on the jobsite. It can hold up to 900 lbs. and offers up to a 55” max counter height capability. Both the tilt and lift features are actuator powered, and the unit is powered by two DeWalt 20V batteries.


Proknee Treadman Multi-Angle Stair Tread Cutting System

Proknee Treadman Multi-Angle Stair Tread Cutting System
Photo: ProKnee

ProKnee's Treadman multi-angle stair tread cutting system is a tool that cuts installation time in half while side-stepping pattern scribing or using tricky technical techniques. By securely locking in each step’s and tread’s specific size, Treadman acts as your template and cutting guide for quick and accurately cut stair treads, thus eliminating the chance for costly mistakes. The Standard Treadman tool can do stair treads from 35 ¼” to 61 ½” in length. If you have stairs that are shorter or longer, ProKnee offers three Extension Kits that can be purchased separately, allowing you to complete installations on treads from 22 ½” to 9’ ½”. Wall plates adjust to step depths from 10” to 13 ¼”, while the 1-Piece Step/Riser Template Kit captures riser heights from 6” to 8”.




Mohawk RevWood laminate flooring
Photo: Mohawk

Mohawk has refreshed its RevWood line to represent recent product enhancements and evolving market demands. RevWood’s new promise, “the beauty of wood without compromise,” combines the two most important purchase drivers, beauty and performance, and draws greater attention to the extraordinary advancements achieved through the launches of Signature Technology and WetProtect.

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Karastan Belleluxe Waterproof

Karastan Belleluxe Waterproof flooring
Photo: Karastan

With 31 total products featuring more high-end wood species, such as hickories, walnuts and oaks, along with a wider, longer platform with less pattern repeats, BelleLuxe Waterproof provides high fashion at an accessible price point to help retail partners expand their market reach. Featuring Signature Technology, each plank perfectly captures the beauty of natural hardwood with artistic precision, featuring 64 layers of textured detail with four times the resolution and over 1,000 color variations. Additionally, BelleLuxe Waterproof provides WetProtect for water-tight joints, a proprietary waterproof finish and a lifetime surface and subfloor warranty.


Karastan LuxeCraft

Karastan LuxeCraft luxury vinyl plank
Photo: Karastan

Karastan presents 15 LuxeCraft products across its Artisan Reserve, Opulent Charm and new Willow Estates collections that elevate nature’s designs with flawless craftsmanship. Many of the styles feature GenuEdge pressed bevels where the surface visual wraps over each plank’s edges and amplifies the product’s realism.Launching in 2024, Willow Estates is manufactured in North America and features wood visuals with enhanced EIR to intensify the texture, depth and appearance of the floors.


PureGrain by Engineered Floors

PureGrain by Engineered Floors
Photo: PureGrain

PureGrain direct digital print is the first DLVT flooring product made in the USA. The DLVT process uses digital emboss technology to create high-definition designs directly on a high-density rigid core. These products offer the realistic look and feel of actual wood, bringing the beauty of nature into your home. PureGrain High-Def offers five times more color clarity compared to traditional film products, embossed texture dimension, enhanced abrasion.


FloorFolio Industries Crete II

FloorFolio's Crete II LVT
Photo: FloorFolio

FloorFolio has expanded its LVT offering with Crete II. “The original Crete was a staple for our tile offerings, so we redesigned the pattern to give it a bolder visual that would capture the true essence of concrete. We also updated the size to a square for ease of installation and aesthetics," said Michael Freedman, president and CEO.

Crete II blends industrial and contemporary style to bring a versatile look that is ideal for any room type. The realism of the concrete adds a unique architectural element to the tiles, while the sophisticated color palette is sure to inspire designer instincts. The exclusive embossed texture not only completes the look, but provides a true impression of concrete.


Regupol Upscale Recycled Rubber Flooring

Regupol Upscale Recycled Rubber Flooring
Photo: Regupol

Regupol, a manufacturer of recycled rubber surfaces for sports and fitness and acoustic insulation, introduces Regupol Upscale. It is a collection of recycled rubber tiles and planks for commercial installations.

A blend of post-consumer tire rubber, post industrial vibrant EPDM chips and low VOC binder, Upscale is available in two standard sizes: 4mm x 8" and 4mm x 12" and 24". Custom sizes and colors are also available. Regupol's range of recycled rubber surfacing products also includes Revolution commercial flooring, Aktiv for sports and fitness applications and Sonus for impact sound insulation and vibration isolation. Regupol Upscale is available in 12 standard color combinations and features either a square or micro-bevel edge. Square-edged floors fit together flush for a seamless-looking transition. The micrio-bevel edge brings subtle texture and dimension to an interior space. The addition of a sealed finish can be applied at the factory or in the field.


Torlys RigidWood SPC

Torlys RigidWood SPC
Photo: Torlys

Torlys refreshes its RigidWood a SPC luxury vinyl with new colors. Included in Torlys’ first launch of 2024 are RigidWood Firm Premier, Elite, and Vista collections, each in a complete range of stunning on-trend, lightly textured surfaces with matching painted bevels options that are perfect for any residential or commercial project.

Torlys RigidWood Firm lines offer a five-layer continuous press construction and with no peaking cupping, or gapping- performance that’s built to last. The Smart Core with the Unliclic joint adds another level of stability which allows for transition free installations in spaces up to 70’x70.



Mohawk's PureTech PVC-free resilient flooring
Photo: Mohawk

PureTech is a planet-friendly, PVC-free resilient flooring is made of renewable and recycled materials. Mohawk is partnering with Plastic Bank in a movement to help remove plastic from our oceans. This worldwide effort is part of the Resilient Revolution that’s making resilient flooring more beautiful and more sustainable.

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SolidTech Premier with Signature HDX

Mohawk's SolidTech Premier luxury vinyl flooring
Photo: Mohawk

Mohawk is using its patented Signature digital printing technology on the new SolidTech Premier with Signature HDX. The digital technology captures the true look of hardwood through a layered design process with a finish that offers true color clarity for LVT flooring.


MSI Smithcliffs Waterproof Hybrid Rigid Core Collection

Smithcliffs Hybrid Rigid Core flooring
SmithCliffs waterproof hybrid rigid core in Langston Oak. Photo: MSI

Now offered in two new colors—Glenbury Oak & Lanston Oak, Smithcliffs Hybrid Rigid Core flooring series features extra-thick solid core construction, with a pre-attached, 2mm closed-cell comfort and acoustic pad. With MSI’s patent-pending DryLuxe technology, the Smithcliffs collection offers 100% waterproof protection and the new, innovative CrystaLux Ultra protection layer, providing durability and longevity, protecting against everyday wear. The collection also includes built-in anti-microbial protection.


MSI Laurel Luxury Vinyl Planks Collection

Laurel Luxury Vinyl Plank Collection by Everlife
Photo: MSI

The Laurel Luxury Vinyl Plank Collection by Everlife is available in extra wide 9” x 48” planks, showcasing a range of blonde and light brown wood aesthetics. The collection combines a 4mm core with a 1mm attached pad for a total thickness of 5mm. The proprietary 20mil CrystaLux Ultra protection layer provides an added shield, ensuring resistance against daily wear and tear. With its 100% waterproof construction, this collection is suitable for kitchens, living areas, bathrooms and basements. Its user-friendly easy install locking system, coupled with "no acclimation" technology, allows for a buy-today-install-today convenience.

Whether for residential or commercial use, the Laurel Luxury Vinyl Plank Collection offers a lifetime limited warranty for residential spaces, 15 years for light commercial areas, and 10 years for commercial applications. This collection adheres to ESG (environmental, social, and governance) standards, ensuring it is environmentally friendly and suitable for families. It holds LEED, Greenguard Gold and FloreScore certifications.


MSI Laurel Reserve Luxury Vinyl Planks Collection

Laurel Reserve Luxury Vinyl Plank Collection by Everlife
Photo: MSI

The Laurel Reserve Luxury Vinyl Plank Collection by Everlife are extra wide 9” x 48” planks, showcasing various blonde and light brown hues in clean wood graphics and textures. This vinyl plank flooring, boasts an 8mm thickness consisting of a 6mm core and a 2mm attached pad. Produced with a commercial-grade 22mil CrystaLux Ultra protection layer, this collection is fortified against daily wear and tear. With a 100% waterproof design, it is ideal for kitchens, living areas, bathrooms and basements. It's easy install locking system paired with "no acclimation" technology, ensures buy-today, install-today capability.

With warranties including a lifetime limited for residential use, 25 years for light commercial spaces, and 20 years for commercial applications. This collection adheres to ESG (environmental, social, and governance) standards, ensuring its eco-friendly and family-safe attributes, supported by LEED, Greenguard Gold and FloreScore certifications.



I4F ClikDek

I4F ClikDek
Photo: i4F

I4F ClikDek is i4F’s new smart-fixing decking technology, delivering easy, click-into-place installation that’s three times as fast to place as traditional decking installation systems.

The patented smart fixing method has been acknowledged by the industry as the best system available for several good reasons. Installation with i4F ClikDek is fast and highly flexible, enabling access anytime, anywhere in seconds. Its mechanical locking is strong yet flexible meaning you can always go back, and an invisible profile means low maintenance as the loss of items in between the panels is eliminated.


QFloors Installer View

QFloors Installer View
Photo: QFloors

Installer View by QFloors enables easier communication between dealers and their installation teams. Released at TISE 2024, Installer View can be easily accessible on a phone, tablet or computer. Customers who are actively using the QPay credit card processing can access Installer View at no extra cost. Otherwise, customers will pay a monthly rate starting at $100 a month for up to 10 installers. The cost depends on the number of installers a dealer has utilizing the product. The company did a trial run on the product, had positive feedback from the group, and plan to add more features to make communication even easier. The team reported that 30 customers already signed up in the first day. For more information and to request a demo, click here.


Lucent by Unilin

Unilin Logo

The Lucent technology enables flooring manufacturers to develop a completely new type of flooring with vibrant colors in designs that mimic real wood. With a matte effect and deep structuring possibilities, Lucent offers not just a superior aesthetic but also enhanced performance, while being a PVC-free and melamine/formaldehyde-free top-layer solution.


Intelli-Force Technology Magnetix Flooring

Intelli-Force Magnetix
Photo: Intelli-Force

Intelli-Force Magnetix is a sustainable, magnetically adhered, adhesive-free system for flooring and wallcovering that is suitable for retail, healthcare, data centers, residential, hospitality, commercial office space, high-tech manufacturing and research facilities. The system includes commercial and residential LVT/LVP, recycled rubber, and ESD flooring magnetically adhered to a variety of magnetically receptive coatings and underlayments. Wallcoverings include magnetized acoustical wall panels, white boards and directional messaging options. This magnetic technology has been tested and proven safe for people, medical devices and electronics.

Magnetix can be installed directly over most substrates including well bonded existing flooring. It is quick to install. The magnetically receptive floor coatings dry in one hour. Next, place magnetic flooring and immediately return to service. It eliminates the need for moisture mitigation for floors up to 98% RH. Magnetix is solvent free and low VOC. The quick installation reduces labor and downtime costs.


NSP Panels’ Acustico

NSP Panels’ Acustico
Photo: NSP

NSP Acustico's design complements various commercial spaces, such as, hotels, restaurants, waiting rooms, offices, showrooms, business premises and decorative shop furnishings providing both style and pleasant sound reduction. Acustico can be used as an accent in vibrant colors, as a natural element with real wood veneer, extending from the wall to the ceiling, or as room dividers or hanging elements. The digital printing option allows for printing any image desired.


Park Industries Javelin CNC Sawjet

Park Industries Javelin CNC Sawjet
Photo: Park Industries

The Javelin CNC Sawjet high configurability makes it ideal for any shop layout. It is capable of cutting any material—porcelain, quartzite, Dekton, with its 5-axis waterjet capabilities powered by a 27hp VFD-controlled arbor motor. The Javelin’s Miterjet is capable of mitering inside corners or arcs in one sweep with its 0-58° waterjet capabilities.


Tile & Stone

Daltile Expands Stare Program

Daltile's Idiosync glazed ceramic wall tile
Idiosync is one of Daltile’s latest intros to its Stare collection. Photo: Daltile

Daltile recently launched six new product collections into its Stare program, a dynamic assortment of special order tile that really take the style of a space up a notch. Fyre is a glazed ceramic wall tile presents a new and unique shade variation. Idiosync glazed ceramic wall tile offers elevated structures and dimension as well as a well-balanced, nature-inspired, monochromatic color scheme. Upscension features waves and ripples of this series of glazed ceramic wall tile in seven trendy colors. The Apothesis collection of glazed porcelain tile provides versatility with options for the floor and wall in textured fabric, glossy and flat looks. Empyrean glazed ceramic wall tile comes in five colors, three shapes, and endless arrangement options. Delicate-looking Eforea has hidden strength within its porcelain composition, allowing the collection to go on both walls and floors. The porcelain floor and wall tile collection comes in eight exclusive color options.


MSI Brickstone Porcelain Brick Tile Collection

MSI Brickstone Porcelain Brick Tile Collection
Photo: MSI

Now offered in a new, 2X18 size, MSI’s Brickstone Porcelain Brick Tile Collection features reclaimed brick looks. These porcelain tiles range from traditional red to modish white and subdued grays. Brickstone is versatile—complementing traditional to industrial chic design styles—on walls, floors, backsplashes and shower surrounds. The collection is offered in 2x10, 5x10, and 2x18 brick tiles.