Armstrong Flooring is the recipient of the Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania (PROP) Outstanding Achievement Award.

The honor is a direct result of the Pennsylvania-based brand’s recently reimagined On&On Floor Recycling Program, in which flooring is recycled in a closed-loop, post-consumer stream. It is the first program of its kind to recycle installed Armstrong flooring products. The company previously won the award in 2013.

The PROP Outstanding Achievement Award recognizes companies for their commitment to recycling, waste reduction and the reuse of materials, all of which are integral components to the Armstrong Flooring On&On Floor Recycling Program. This ongoing effort offers building owners and contractors an alternative to traditional disposal and a flexible, end-of-life recycling solution for vinyl flooring products. On&On has already diverted 25+ million pounds of post-consumer flooring, representing 12,500 tons of landfill material and has significant short and long-term environmental benefits:

• Waste Reduction 

• Greenhouse Gas Reduction 

• Water Conservation 

• Energy Conservation 

• Raw Material Conservation 

What began as a recycling program for vinyl composition tile (VCT) has expanded into a comprehensive program that includes luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and other vinyl flooring products. As LVT experiences continued growth in North America, end of use solutions as part of a circular design concept, become increasingly important and Armstrong has committed to creating and perpetuating a simple, rewarding recycling option.

Armstrong has a long history of diverting pre-and post-consumer waste from landfills, dating back to 1907 when founder Thomas Armstrong diverted waste from his bottle cork manufacturing facility to manufacture linoleum flooring. The On&On Program continues this legacy and reaffirms the company’s commitment to a circular economy and closed-loop manufacturing that gives a new life to what would have been thrown away.

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