Pergo Flooring recently kicked-off its new brand campaign entitled ‘Master The Art Of Staying In’. The campaign’s goal is to further elevate Pergo’s brand awareness nationwide, especially among the ever-important age 25-34 consumers known as Millennials.
“Millennials are a very coveted consumer group for home and shelter products, because Millennials combined with Gen X make up more than 59% of all home buyers in today’s market,” said Paij Thorn-Brooks, vice president of brand marketing for Pergo, a division of Mohawk Laminate & Hardwood, North America. “To most effectively increase brand awareness within this target group, our new marketing campaign focuses on how Pergo products enhance those aspects of life most important to Millennials.”
Capturing Millennials’ Attention
According to the company, the first step of Pergo’s new brand campaign “Master The Art Of Staying In” was the recent launch of an original 8-episode Pergo branded reality series entitled ‘Ultimate Staycation’. 
This branded digital content series is new and groundbreaking for the flooring category. Capturing organic content directly related to the performance of company products is extremely valuable for resonating with the end consumer. 
Pergo’s Message To Millennials
Pergo’s message for Millennials during the ‘Ultimate Staycation’ series and throughout the ‘Master The Art Of Staying In’ brand campaign enables Millennials to envision themselves living on Pergo floors in an engaging way.
“The series tells Millennials that when you upgrade your home with Pergo floors, it’s the start of making your place so nice you’ll never want to leave,” said Thorn-Brooks. “You’ll soon realize that everything you go out for is so much more enjoyable at home. You have everything you want, just the way you like it. There’s no place like home when you have a Pergo floor.”
‘Ultimate Staycation’ features special appearances from chefs, interior designers, DIYers and more to help a newlywed couple (and viewers) learn how to maximize their own enjoyment of leisure time spent at home.
Social Media
“With a heavy focus on Millennials, Pergo’s go-to market strategy for ‘Master The Art Of Staying In’ and ‘Ultimate Staycation’ has placed its social media channels center stage for this campaign,” said Thorn-Brooks. “We recognize the importance of engaging consumers on their preferred channels, therefore our digital priorities for this campaign are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest.”
‘Ultimate Staycation’ launched on Aug. 20 and will run through mid-September on FYI Network (on-air and digital). To watch episodes, visit
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