Bostik and Artaic Innovative Mosaic recently co-hosted a state-of-the-art interactive workshop for key members of Boston’s A&D community.

Guests included 20 top architects and designers psyched to learn about creating mosaic murals using the new Microsoft Surface Pro 4. After being introduced to Artaic’s robotic production process, which is driven by the firm’s patented Tessera software and also learning about Bostik’s state-of-the-art Dimension Rapidcure glass-filled grout, each of the attendees were given a specific assignment. Working with a Surface Pro 4 pre-downloaded with Tessera software, they were tasked to create their vision of a mosaic mural apropos for a Microsoft Store. They were asked to specify complementary Dimension grout (which is offered via Tessera) for their respective designs, as well.

“This was an exhilarating experience,” said Scott Banda, Bostik’s director of marketing and business development. “Many of our guests, but not all, knew a bit about Artaic’s unique offerings and their tie-in with Bostik. They were also eager to create designs using the new Surface Pro laptop/tablet. To sweeten the pie and get our guests really ‘into it,’ we held a small competition. Each designer’s creation was to be judged not only by the Artaic/Bostik team, but also by each of the enthusiastic attendees. The winner would receive a brand new Microsoft Surface Pro 4 courtesy of Bostik.”

Samantha Clarke, senior associate at MDS / Miller Dyer Spears, Boston-based architecture, planning and interior design firm, was the winner, coming up with a whimsical mosaic mural rendition of a 1970’s Bill Gates photo.

This high-energy, highly successful event would not have been possible without the partnership of Eliza Mulcahy, community development specialist at the Microsoft Prudential Plaza Store.

“Together, Artaic and our partner, Bostik, are on a mission,” said Ted Acworth, founder and president of Artaic and inventor of Tessera software. “We want to resurrect the ancient art of mosaic mural design, for which the demand has greatly diminished over the years. That is a major reason why we developed our computer-driven, robotic production process. To see how thrilled our guests were designing, most for the first time, using our software, incorporating Bostik’s Dimension and all working on Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 was absolutely awesome! Bostik and Artaic want our ‘mosaic mission’ to be a meaningful and fun experience for all involved.”

After the workshop was over, Bostik hosted a high-energy hospitality event for all attendees at the nearby Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

“Together, we want to engage the design community in learning about futuristic, efficient and one-of-a-kind solutions its members can now offer their clientele," said Banda. "Furthermore, together with Artaic, we plan to bring back mosaic design, which for a myriad of reasons, is seldom specified or, for that matter, even considered any more. Already we’re seeing positive results and our Microsoft workshop event was a perfect example of that re-vitalized interest.”

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