Brintons Carpets agrees with the announcement of ‘Greenery’ as Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year. Following a year of safety nets cast in blue and gray palettes, Brintons welcomes ‘Greenery’ onto the scene to add contrast and catapult the industry into a period of vibrant regrowth. 

Earlier this year, Brintons predicted an uptick of the color blue being used throughout hospitality interiors. Families of blue are often applied to create a relaxing escape from the calamity of everyday life, said the company. This intuitive color solution has created a perfectly balanced landscape for ‘Greenery’ to come in and succeed in hospitality interiors. 

“When thinking about the Pantone color predictions, we have to consider them outside of the vacuum in which they are presented. We define color by the role it plays in vast public spaces. In the last few months we have noticed a steady interest in using this shade [Greenery] as an accent color, which could evolve into entirely green and blue carpets void of the present neutral-hued backgrounds,” said Nadia Burton, Brintons Americas design director.

Brintons’ exact match to Greenery is Meadow (24-4213); however the business has noticed two additional yellow-green shades appearing in recent hospitality projects: Gooseberry (24-4216) and Lime (24-3754), all of which act as essential contrasting accents to hospitality’s current paradigm of neutral and blue. 

Pantone’s Greenery, or the Brintons recommended pom match–Meadow (24-4213)–will be used as an isolated pop of color with related tint pools to provide harmony. 

“Using a yellow-green as vibrant as ‘Greenery’ can be intimidating. For a successful and aesthetically pleasing application, I like to pair this hue in low percentages with warm neutrals and cool it down in a family of navy blues.” suggests Amy LaGuire, Brintons Americas field designer.

Brintons’ designers pull inspiration from all aspects of the natural environment. For example, teal rivers cut through corridors of mossy texture, topographic lines integrate with abstracted green pools and public spaces swarm with flowing kelp-like elements. 

“Designers are drawn to colors and textures that diminish the boundary between interior and exterior. We seek out naturally occurring patterns to promote wellness and connectivity,” commented Molly Davis, Brintons Americas field designer. 

According to Brintons, what draws us to the globally applicable Greenery is its versatility. “Overall, green revitalizes our interiors, connects us to our environment, and reminds us of the endless possibilities regrowth can bring. Because this shade of green is so omnipresent, we can pull successful pairings from natural environments across the globe,” continued Burton. “Historically, we’ve been considerably influenced by our environment in terms of pattern design, but limited in our ways of reproducing said inspiration. Advancements in weaving technology have allowed us to introduce more colors into our carpet designs, thusly yielding more natural blends–meaning we can reproduce the color blends that occur in our own surroundings more successfully and accurately than ever before.”

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