Tarkett introduces Tandus Centiva Crosscut Collection modular carpet in three styles designed by Suzanne Tick, Inc. Crosscut Collection brings the hallmark Suzanne Tick aesthetic at a price point that is accessible to a wide range of specifiers and end users.

“Architects and interior designers are constantly seeking modular carpet tiles with a true monolithic aesthetic, and Crosscut Collection achieves this through all-over patterning,” says designer Suzanne Tick. “All three styles within the collection were designed to be seamless through their non-directional textural aesthetic. Lower price-point, monolithic looks are advantageous because they extend the range of usability to nearly every imaginable space, from office buildings with irregular dimensions and corridors to tenant improvement, multifamily housing, corporate, retail, K-12, Higher Education and beyond.”

“The real value of beautiful design transcends price,” said Chris Stulpin, senior vice president of design for Tarkett. “Bringing Suzanne Tick’s singular aesthetic to a wider range of spaces is an exciting proposition for designers who aspire to work with materials that bring beauty and simplicity through texture and pattern—and no one does that like Suzanne.”

All three styles in the Crosscut Collection are available as Quickship and come in three different scales: small scale Sandblast, medium scale Aggregate and large scale Stamp. All three styles can be used together to create scale studies within the space. The Crosscut palette has seven neutrals characterized by tonal shifts that lend themselves to gradations of color, which can be installed in steps of warm greys or cool greys. There are also four energetic brights that can be used as pops of color within a neutral field or on their own for destination areas, including a bold red, deep blue, emerald and fresh spring green.

Crosscut Collection is constructed from 100% recycled content ECONYL nylon made from post-consumer recycled fishing nets, and when specified on ethos Modular with Omnicoat Technology backing, has up to 54% recycled content. ethos Modular with Omnicoat Technology is a backing made of nonchlorinated polymer from film that’s found in disposed windshields and safety glass and includes a proprietary coating that provides an excellent chemical barrier between the backing and the subfloor. 

Used in conjunction with TandusTape+, ethos Modular with Omnicoat Technology allows for immediate installation over adverse flooring substrates that previously required time-consuming and costly testing and floor preparation. The product is 100% recyclable via the company's ReStart program.

As part of Tarkett’s continued commitment to transparency and material health, its ethos backing is C2C silver certified and meets the intent of LEED MRcredits 4.1 and 4.2. When specified on ethos Modular backing, this product is Red List Compliant and features a transparent ingredients list via the International Living Future Institute’s Declare Label program.

For more information, visit tarkettna.com.