Carlsbad, Calif.-based manufacturer Oceanside Glasstile has acquired Portland-based stained-glass manufacturer Uroboros.

"I am delighted to announce that a sale of Uroboros Glass' name, equipment, technology and formulas has been completed, and that the future of its many iconic products is now secured," said Eric Lovell, Uroboros company president and founder, said in a statement released last week on the company website.

The announcement was preceded by the Uroboros’ disclosure last September that after more than 43 years of operations in Portland, it would close in early 2017, according to a report in the Portland Tribune.

In September 2016, Oceanside Glasstile announced that it has also acquired art glass manufacturing equipment, formulas and intellectual property from Spectrum Glass, a glass art maker based in Woodinville, Wash. Spectrum has been a supplier to the Carlsbad company for more than 20 years. As a result of the acquisition of Spectrum's equipment, formulas and intellectual property, Spectrum’s products will be manufactured in Oceanside Glasstile’s Tijuana production facility starting in early 2017, according to a report in the San Diego Business Journal.

Previously, Spectrum Glass and Uroboros worked closely together to create fusible glass known as System 96.

“The opportunity to continue the legacies of Spectrum and Uroboros on the eve of OGT’s 25th year is an absolute honor,” said Vincent Moiso, vp of business development for Oceanside Glasstile. “We are so excited to return to the art glass roots we were founded on.”

Over the next few months, Uroboros plans to wind down production so they can start to facilitate the move to Tijuana. Uroboros management will help with set up and training of the Oceanside Glasstile engineers, furnace handlers and chemist. From this collaboration, the art glass industry can anticipate a ramp up of Uroboros product that includes, but is not limited to, System 96 sheet and frit, FX90 fusible products and their stained glass sheets, according to a press release.

Oceanside Glasstile said it hopes to get sheet glass back on track in late May with frit, stringer, noodle, rods and other pieces to follow in June. For more information visit