Nydree Flooring raises the bar for design-driven commercial flooring with the first wide-plank, acrylic-infused option for the industry. Traditionally featured in residential spaces, 7.5-inch handcrafted planks are a style trend that make spaces look larger and more modern. The Nydree Wide Plank product line combines the durability of its signature acrylic-infusion technology and latest design trend of the wide-plank product. Nydree Flooring’s wide-plank option is available in five SKUs of Plainsawn White Oak, one of Nydree’s top products for contemporary commercial spaces. The Plainsawn White Oak wide-plank option is popular among hospitality, retail, restaurants and other commercial developments.

“At Nydree, our passion is to deliver top-of-the-line products that not only meet our consumers’ needs but exceeds their design expectations,” said Jason Brubaker, VP of sales and marketing. “Our consumers desired a product with a residential feel in their commercial spaces, and we are pleased to offer the acrylic-infused, wide-plank option as a result.”

Nydree’s namesake horse farm in Albermarle County, is known for its beauty and strength, which is paralleled in each handcrafted plank of wood flooring. Like all of Nydree Flooring’s products, this new wide-plank flooring option is made of real, natural wood with an acrylic-infused top layer. Its signature acrylic-infusion process produces 300% more durable flooring than standard wood.

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