The National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) is launching an Emerging Leaders Network to attract young talent who are passionate about the trade and desire to keep the industry thriving. The primary mission of the NWFA Emerging Leaders Network is to give young professionals a voice in the association and the wood flooring industry, as well as to provide opportunities to connect and build relationships through education, networking and close involvement with projects directly impacting NWFA’s leadership.

NWFA Emerging Leaders will be comprised of young wood flooring professionals of all business types who portray a strong work ethic, attention to social consciousness, and strive to uphold industry standards for generations to come.

Members involved in this group can: join meetups annually at the Expo, as well as online conferences throughout the year; contribute content to NWFA and Hardwood Floors Magazine; play a critical role in implementing ideas into programs that will better serve young wood flooring professionals; determine barriers among generations; and develop solutions for a balanced workplace environment. In order to become a part of the Emerging Leaders Network, young professionals must be members of the NWFA (or work for a member company) and be referred in by their employer or a member of the Emerging Leaders Network or Council.

The network will kick off during an exclusive reception at NWFA Expo 2017, April 11-14.

For more information, call (800) 422-4556 or visit