Expanko Resilient Flooring recently announced that The Living Building Challenge has awarded a Red-List-Free Declare Label to Sereniti Rubber Flooring, the newest edition to its commercial flooring products. The Living Building Challenge, an International Living Future Institute initiative, is designed to encourage a healthy materials economy that is non-toxic, transparent, and socially equitable.

Referred to as a “nutrition label” for building products, a Declare Label lists the ingredients or materials, final assembly, life expectancy, and end of life options of a product. In order to qualify for a Declare Label, a building product must either be free of, or declare any harmful Red List chemicals.

Sereniti Rubber Flooring, introduced in late 2016, includes durable tile, sheet, and stair tread options that leverage sound absorption, comfort, beauty, and environmental sustainability.

For more information, visit expanko.com or living-future.org.