Armstrong Flooring featured its latest in luxury multilayer flooring, Natural Creations with Diamond 10 Technology, at GlobalShop 2017, March 28-30 in Las Vegas. The patent-pending technology harnesses one of nature’s strongest substances, cultured diamonds, to offer high scratch, stain, and scuff resistance. Available in an array of patterns to reflect the natural look with modular shapes and sizes, Natural Creations is organized into three design categories:

ArborArt offers more than 50 naturally-inspired wood visuals in color and design combinations that span the entire spectrum, from the golden browns of traditional oak and the bold grain of tigerwood to trendsetting weathered driftwood and even petrified wood looks.

EarthCuts large-scale tile draw inspiration from natural stone, minerals, and metallic ore. A palette of earthy neutrals ranges in tone from cool grays to warm beiges with all the detail and variation of the materials that inspired them.

Mystix dabbles in textures, textiles, and hand-painted art. A palette of bright colors adds a vibrant pop to enliven commercial spaces.

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