Ecore introduced Monster Roll, a durable, low-maintenance flooring product for training facilities that can withstand extreme wear and tear while providing users with slip resistance, support, and stability. Monster is part of the Stacked Family in the Ecore Performance Series and is ideal for fitness applications, including light to extreme weightlifting, functional training, tracks, and strength equipment.

“Creating athletic flooring where users can truly see and feel the difference is crucial to achieving optimal results, as the intensity and demands of workouts are ever evolving,” said Troy Kelley, Ecore director of sales, athletics. “Monster Roll is made for extreme strength and conditioning training, and is designed to reduce injuries that can occur when engaging in high intensity training. This flooring prolongs the lifespan of not only the athlete’s career, but the life of the flooring as well–making it a beneficial investment for those in the athletic sector.”

Custom-made for extreme strength and conditioning, the 22.5mm Monster system features a 10.5 mm Performance Beast Roll field united to a 12mm ShockPad. The resulting triple durometer system combines the durability and firm-footing desired in strength training with the ergonomic demands of aggressive functional training. Monster Roll’s test results demonstrate its benefits, including tensile strength, flexibility, force reduction, abrasion resistance and impact. This surface features 53.5% energy restitution and 38.1% force reduction illustrating the beneficial impact it has on performance.

“With a durable wear layer made from vulcanized EPDM rubber, this product resists the scuffing and marking that is common in strength and conditioning applications,” said Kelley. “Athletes can find peace of mind knowing the flooring they train on is ergonomically beneficial and sound and shock absorbent to help them throughout their fitness journey.”

Monster Roll is available in 13 speckled colors including neutral tones.

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