When shopping for electrostatic discharge (ESD) flooring, buyers will often sacrifice style for substance. StaticStop’s FreeStyle ESDPlus offers improved aesthetics with a polyurethane/ceramic finish that’s easy to maintain and effective in addressing static electricity, according to the company.

“ESD floorings typically have tiny black dots as part of the surface pattern. That has nothing to do with aesthetics but is a byproduct of making an ESD tile,” said Thomas Ricciardelli, president of SelecTech. “With ESDPlus, we’ve been able to design a tile without the dots that can address the trend towards smaller devices generating greater static electricity while offering an attractive looking tile that’s also far more comfortable to stand on for long periods of time.”

ESDPlus comes in six styles (Summer Sky, Coastal Fog, Moss, Night Sky, Sand Box, and Quarry Sand) and a polyurethane finish pre-applied. It also employs a patented interlocking technology for easy installation without adhesives, which enables new flooring to be installed with little or no down time.

“StaticStop’s FreeStyle ESD Plus, with its polyurethane finish, gives you the benefit of a floor that mitigates the impact of static electricity, looks great, and is easy to maintain. And with our interlocking technology, areas of the floor that experience more use can be replaced individually as needed,” Ricciardelli added.

ESD Plus is made from mostly recycled materials that are 100% recyclable and is manufactured to provide a durable and long-lasting floor covering under a range of temperature and exposure conditions, backed by a 10-year limited warranty against wear.

For more information, call (508) 583-3200 or visit www.selectechinc.com.