The Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center in Nashville, Tenn., recently sought to update its 2,000-sq-ft fitness center to create a more user-friendly, open, state-of-the-art fitness center for its guests.

“Our old fitness center was due for an update,” said Erik Palmer, hotel manager for the Gaylord Opryland Resort. “The exercise equipment sat on a carpeted floor and it didn’t feel like a wellness center. We also wanted to improve our guest satisfaction scores for the area.”

Palmer wanted a true facelift of the fitness area that included updating both the look and feel of the room, adding new equipment and replacing the floor. He hired a local architect to design an open concept for the space that included removing an office and revising the room footprint. For flooring design and selection, Palmer envisioned a two-tone look to break up the room and give it a sense of dimension. He sought a product designed and built specifically for athletic areas that could absorb heavy weights and foot traffic.

“It was imperative we install the right flooring in the right areas of the facility,” said Palmer. “I asked for recommendations from corporate for some of the better flooring manufacturers known for durability, aesthetics and color variety. Ecore’s name came up first.”

Based on the recommendation, two types of Ecore flooring were installed, EcoFit and Bounce 2. EcoFit was placed below the free weights and CrossFit area, and the Bounce 2 was installed throughout the rest of the fitness area.

EcoFit is designed for health and fitness applications and active work environments, providing ample sound and shock absorption and comfort underfoot with a focus on dynamic energy return. The 8.2mm engineered floor provides enhanced performance while mitigating fatigue and the risk of injury.

Bounce 2 features a synthetic wood-grain surface that is fusion bonded to a 5mm base layer. The result is flooring that looks like real wood but is more economical and durable, features less surface noise, and is easier to clean.

In addition to the flooring, Palmer installed new exercise equipment, resurfaced the walls, added fitness graphics to the walls, and completely rebuilt the hydration and towel stations.

“The floor makes a huge difference with how the fitness center looks and feels,” said Palmer. “If I had just installed new equipment on the old flooring there wouldn’t be that ‘wow’ factor. The floor gives it a sense of fresh and clean and openness; wellness comes to mind when you walk in, You really feel like you are in a state-of-the-art fitness center with a durable floor that will hold up well.”

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